Monday, August 26, 2013

Love it here and Love Serving the Lord!

Hey everyone! The weeks just keep getting faster and faster! It's crazy that Justin will be here on Wednesday!! Before I forget here's the things I need haha my long sleeve shirt (purple/blue/black) Alex Boye cd, more t-shirts, if you could find you raise me up sheet music (cool version) that would be sick, stamps, and any old ties dad doesn’t want. The flower one he gave me cause he was gonna throw it out is everyone's favorite! My roommate tries to steal it everyday... literally. The other day I noticed I hadn't seen it in a while and so I asked him and he just laughed and opened his closet and it was sitting on his hanger! Don’t worry I won't let him take it though! It’s a SICK tie! Oh and I’m also thinking about those new scriptures they have. Using my scriptures for hours a day I’ve noticed how beat mine are plus they don’t have tabs... how much are the new ones? 

Ok now onto the interesting stuff.... well actually this week has just kinda been the same as every other week. Weeks 2-8 you have the exact same schedule. Umm differences... well I’m definitely starting to get the language down even more! The spirit here has been so unreal and on Saturday we did a thing called trc which is where outside volunteers that speak Cantonese come and we teach them a lesson. Me and my companion didn’t use any notes (of course) and gave an excellent lesson on the Holy Ghost! I love my Cantonese teacher, Foong Hindi! He is the best teacher I’ve ever had and he genuinely loves us! I can tell he cares and after class he always gives us a hug! Sometimes we'll see him walking around so we all scream his name and talk to him in Cantonese. Oh and there are only 13 missionaries in the MTC learning Cantonese and there are 8 in our district! Cantonese is also the hardest language in the MTC... :) fact. 

And please send this email to Jeremy!! I got his package this week and I loved it!! It was a total surprise and when my district letter brought me the note and I got the package I was soo happy to see it was from him!! I still have the letter and "bear lake in a bottle" and I’ve never heard of those zotz orange candy but they were sooo good!! Everyone in my district was trying to get their hands on them!  

Also for the week we all watched the sunset together after we played volleyball.  We also had 2 kids move into our room but they left early this morning to Hong Kong!  There were Chinese so they took the 2 week program (because they already knew Cantonese) and they were super funny.  Hopefully we’ll be companions when I finally get to Hong Kong!  Our zone leaders also left today and it was pretty sad to leave them.  They all lived in our hall and are on their way to the Phillipines!  I got pictures with them so you’ll get those next week hopefully (if I finally remember) but don’t worry everyone I still probably look the same.’s only been 3ish weeks people.  People don’t change that fast!  Hahaha  On a more spiritual note I have received even more personal testimony builders on the gift of tongues.  This week in a couple of our lessons out of nowhere I literally would just throw out paragraphs of Cantonese at a time!  Before, I would normally say like a sentence and then pause to think or whatever, but I was just flowin’ with the language!  I love it here and I love serving the Lord day in and day out!!

'Til next p–day…(Monday fyi)
Love, Elder Cederlof


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