Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The weeks just go by faster and faster!! I'm super excited for temple day today!! an awesome opportunity to be taught in the House of the Lord!! Super grateful that we in Hong Kong have that special opportunity to go once a move!!  As for the past week, some more cool stories and miracles! Starting off with Eric, he is continuing to progress really well!! He has a lot of desire and really enjoys listening and reading the modern day Prophet talks. It is really cool to be able to see someone with little to no religious background develop faith!  
This past week we also had the opportunity to go on exchanges. Mandarin Elder Sy came with me, over in Sheung Shui! It was super cool to be with him! Even though he spoke mandarin, I spoke Cantonese it just made for a great combination! no matter who we ran into, we could share with them!! Elder Sy is a great elder! He is fairly new, I think he has been out for approximately 5 months in the field. His desire to serve and push himself is inspiring! He is really good at going out of his comfort zone! That night we taught Nick, Eric's younger brother. The previous lesson we had shared with him we invited him to read Alma 32. That actually wasn't the original invitation we had planned, but something that we felt we needed to invite him to do. This last lesson proved that it was in fact from the Spirit. He was very touched by that chapter, he had it twice in just 3 or 4 days! Before that lesson, Nick's resolve wasn't as strong. He was placing other things as priority over God. However, after reading chapter 32, he said that it was a good reminder of what he needed to do. the follow up led to other questions which we directed back to reading  in chapter 32 which continued to answer most of his questions. By the end the lesson, he asked us how he could keep that "seed" of faith growing, not dormant.  We left him with another couple chapters to read. Ether 12 and 2nd Nephi 31! Nick is doing awesome right now! It has been such a blessing to be working with him!!
Meeting with A-hou we wanted to help keep the lesson more focused, so we brought another member to the lesson, our ward mission leader! it turned out awesome! Our ward mission leader is actually a recent convert of just about a year! he will be going to the temple this next month and he has had some amazing experiences that made it so that he could connect really well with A-hou. Such an awesome blessing!! The work is going forward! I'm so grateful for the time I have here in Tolo Harbour!
Til next week,
Love, Elder Cederlof

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