Monday, August 3, 2015

Mission Leadership Counsel was awesome! I really like how we discussed different things and ideas that were going down in different zones. It helped us prepare for our Zone training even further. Speaking of Zone training. We actually had some really cool experiences with that. The week of zone training we decided to scrap one part of the training. Even though we already had that part all the planned out, it just didn't feel right. So we decided we needed to start from scratch on that part. Through prayer and discussion, we put together a new plan. It was perfect! Zone training started off really well, and then some very sarcastic remarks were being made. When we got up again after the spiritual thought, we addressed the issue. We also had some other zone members share as well. It turned out awesome. A little "fire" in the beginning, but it led all of us to rethink and evaluate ourselves. After that we moved on into talking about ways to improve our teaching and then ourselves. Zone training went by very well. Through reports, we have found out that all of the zone members would agree as well! The weirdest part for me was when at the end we had time for "words of wisdom." Words of wisdom is where all the missionaries that are leaving at the end of that transfer get a couple minutes to share some things they have learned on their mission. Some back story, back in Tuen Mun, me and Sister Shoemaker (now Sister training leader) were in the same district. One district meeting I was assigned to give a spiritual thought and had originally picked the topic of gratitude. However, after thinking more about it, I felt that I should change it to a theme of attitude and perspective. So I changed it and shared about that topic off of the talk "Free Forever to Act for Themselves." However, at the end of my sharing I didn't really see a big need as to why I was supposed to change the subject to that one. 8 or so months later in Zone training meeting (just last week) Sister Shoemaker said in her "words of wisdom" that that spiritual thought had really helped her change her perspective about missionary work!  I've learned through this experience, that 1. Just trust in the Spirit and 2. We don't know how many people we help.  It was a cool thing I learned that I never would have expected to learn at Zone Training.  A fun thing we had to help the members of the zone remember what we all need to do this month is called a "mahfaahn cup" we put a little flag with a picture from the liahona on top of a cup. On the cup we have a list of the specific things we all need to do. Everyone puts the cup on their desks and it is there as a reminder to help us remember to do the things we need to do. 

It is interesting how much perspective has changed over the mission. As each week passes on, I am reminded of God's love for me, and the people of Hong Kong. It really is a special place!  

 Love Elder Zach Cederlof


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