Monday, June 15, 2015

I went with Elder Liew in MOS. It was a super good exchange. Elder Liew is a super solid missionary. He is doing a fantastic job as District Leader. He is super responsive to counsel and has so much energy!!  We taught an investigator they have named a-wing. it was a super good lesson on the 2nd half of the Plan of Salvation. She asked some really good questions such as why is it in and only through Jesus Christ's atonement/death, why not just anyone else's death. Those are the types of questions I love to hear! It lead to a good discussion on his life and importance thereof.  
Eric also has been improving quite a bit! Just these last 2 or so weeks his desire has grown a ton. He is now reading everyday and praying and comes to church. His family is having some issues which has led him to have such a strong desire. It was awesome! This past week we met him at a area near their home. Originally we scheduled to meet with Eric, but shortly after he came, his wife came over as well. We focused most of our message on families. Talking about how they can strengthen theirs. Through things like family prayer and scripture study they will be able to have a stronger family! They were both willing to start reading and praying together. I also had a specific prompting as we invited them to also invite them to not just pray WITH each other, but to pray FOR each other. This week Eric goes up to Mongolia for a couple weeks so we will be unable to meet with him. 
I love having this opportunity to work with the entire zone. One thing I am especially grateful for is the language pass-offs. It is a great opportunity to help each individual missionary in the zone improve their language, teaching skills, and more! The members of this zone are awesome!!  I'm excited to see who the new members will be later this week!!
'Til next week,
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof


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