Monday, November 10, 2014

Last Sunday at the church meeting with tuen mun and butterfly wards was when the split occurred  so we haven't gone to a meeting with just our ward but we got the books organized the week before so that we could start getting the names memorized.  We got to talk with and introduce ourselves to a lot of new members Sunday! Tam SS isn't in our ward.. but he wore a suit to church haha so that was awesome! We already turned him over to the Tuen Mun elders but we'll still be able to go to his baptism!  Melissa and Landon are soo different! Melissa's email about the hike was it was a cool hike type of an email. Landon's was, I was tired and cold. haha but that is good he is doing good in school.. outside of typing.. haha I remember when you were trying to get him to just type those little sentece strips last year haha.  Those big ward clean up projects are awesome!! I think those things really help a ward work hard together. I wish we could find some sort of opportunity to do that out here but the set up just isn't the same.  I'm actually gonna bring that up with the new bishop. I haven't thought about that before.. ward service projects. And ya it's starting to get colder and colder. The winters here are absolutely freezing!! Which is funny because all the rms from hk are like oh don't even worry about bring a coat.  It gets soo cold. I think because of the humidity cause the actual temperature is fine but it feels freezing! haha  I love you mom! The Lord's work really is moving forward! We gotta do all we can to help with it!

 Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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